Best Laptops to Buy in India for College Students- Best Laptops of 2018

Best Laptops to Buy in India for College Students- Best Laptops of 2018

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Best Laptops to Buy in India for College Students- Best Laptops of 2018 is a post on The Other Perception which enlists best laptops to buy in 2018 for Students, Entrepreneurs, Gamers, and YouTubers.

In a world full of tablets and smartphones, the laptop still plays an integral part of our day to day life because of their working ability and portability. PCs are now replaced by laptops as they enable individuals to carry wherever they want. It helps us to work from anywhere in the world. Laptops are used by people of all ages. Kids use laptops especially for the educational purpose, cinematographers use the laptop for photo and video editing, business people use laptops for presentation; investors use laptops for trading, while engineers use laptops for designing.

So here is the list of Best Laptops to Buy in India for College Students- Best Laptops of 2018

1. HP Envy 17 Touch

Price – Rs 75,000

HP Envy 17 Touch is one of the fastest machines in the current generation which has a clock speed of 1.6 GHz which may go up to 3.6 GHz. Laptop having the weight of 1.3 kg is the perfect laptop for anyone who wants to have an advantage over the time. It has got 13.3 inches Touch Screen full HD display which has a resolution of 1920 by 1080.

With just 14 mm of micro edge display, you can enjoy 178 degrees of view with Quad Speakers Bang which has inbuilt HP Audio Boost. HP has installed latest 8th Generation i5 processor. The laptop has super saved 6 cell battery which gets charged up to 50 percent within 30 minutes. The laptop comes with 8 GB of DDR3 ram which has disk storage of 1 TB and SSD storage of 256 GB.  With such high specifications, HP Envy 17 Touch seems to be the best deal for Travel and Business people.

2. Lenovo Ideapad 520

Price – Rs 63,000

Lenovo Ideapad is the successor of Ideapad series launched by Lenovo. Ideapad 520 is the perfect laptop for gamers, engineers, cinematographers, travelers and business people. It has what it takes to be the perfect laptop.  With 15.6 inch HD backlit Anti-glare display, you don’t have to put extra stress on your eyes. 

The laptop comes with Intel i5 7th generation processor which enables multitasking. It has 16 GB of DDR4 ram with 2 TB of the hard disk which makes sure that you will never run out of storage. The laptop is arguably the best for gaming as it comes with 4GB NVIDIA Geforce Graphics Card which helps you enjoy games ranging from GTA, FIFA and what not.  It has got battery backup of almost 5 hours. With all such high specifications, it can be used for high-end software like Photoshop, Autocad. With backlight keyboard, you can also work during the night which makes it useful for office staff.

3. Dell Inspiration 5500

Price – Rs 69,000

Dell Inspiration 5500 is the best product Dell has ever produced in their Inspiration series. It comes with the 8th generation i7 processor, 8GB of DDR4 Ram and clock speed of 1.8 GHz which can go up to 4 GHz. It also comes with 2 TB of Hard disk which is way more than you required. Display of Dell Inspiration 5500 is the thing which makes it unique. The laptop comes with 15.6 inches, 1920 by 1080 full HD antiglare backlit display and inbuilt audio so that you can enjoy movies over the cup of coffee. It also has AMD Radeon 4 GGB Graphic Card which gives full gamin controls. So one can say, this laptop makes sure you can do everything on the machine.

4. Asus VivoBook S510

Price – Rs 80,000

Asus VivoBook S510 is the best laptop Asus has ever manufactured! It is just 17.9 mm thin and 1.7 kg light which makes it easy to access. VivoBook has 8th generation Intel i7 processor with clock speed of 1.8 GHz which goes up to 4 GHz. It has 16 GB of DDR4 Ram which also comes with SSD storage of 128 GB.  With 1 TB of hard disk storage, you can store everything from photos to videos to files to documents. Asus VivoBook has 15.6 inches full HD 1920 by 1080 Antiglare wide-view display which helps you enjoy movies. 2 GB NVIDIA Geforce Graphic Processor makes sure you enjoy the real gaming experience.

5. Apple MacBook Pro A 1278

Price – Rs 90,000

Apple MacBook Pro is the one for Apple lovers or for the ones who are going to spend the hefty amount on a laptop. Investing in Apple MacBook Pro is worth it as it comes with plenty of features, great look, lag-free interface, stylish and powerful look. MacBook has 13.3 inch HD LED Backlit wide-view display with stereo speakers which make sure you enjoy everything you do. It has Intel i5 processor with clock speed of 2.5 GHz which makes sure high-end results. With 4 GB DDR3 ram and Intel graphics processor, you can use high-end software like a final cut pro without any disturbance.

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