Best Selfie Apps to Click Perfect Selfie

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Best Selfie Apps to Click Perfect Selfie is a post on The Other Perception which talks about the best apps to get perfect selfie. 2017 has been a year of selfies and selfie sticks and selfie songs. You wake up, and you click a selfie. You get dressed up and click a selfie. And then you go for a breakfast and click a selfie. You go out with your friends and click a selfie. Basically, you do anything, you go anywhere, all you need is a selfie to capture that moment. And for the better selfie, here are top 5 apps you must have for the better selfie.

Best Selfie Apps to Click Perfect Selfie

1. YouCam Perfect – Selfie Photo Editor 

Click here to download from PlayStore.

With more than 50 Million Downloads on Google Play Store with Rating of 4.5, YouCam Perfect seems to be the finest selfie editing app. It is ranked as a Top 10 app in Photo Category in more than 65 countries across the globe. 

The app allows you to use various effects, one-touch filters, HDR effect, blur effect. It also let you unwanted objects from the picture. There are various stickers available in this app which makes your selfie funny. The app comes with a unique feature of multi-face detection which allows you to select the individual photo and edit it as per your need. This app also allows you to edit videos and come up with video filters which are more useful in making vines. 

2. Sweet Selfie – Selfie Camera

Click here to download from PlayStore

With more than 100 million users across the world taking a selfie with Sweet Selfie App, it is ranked in Top 5 apps in Photo Category on Google PlayStore in more than 45 countries. 

Sweet Selfie allows you to work in more depth on various aspects of selfie which includes Teeth Whitening, Skin Glow, Smart Auto Beauty, Acne Correction, Image Sharpening etc. It has various collage features which makes you unique collage photos. 

3. Candy Camera – selfie camera and photo editor

Click here to download from PlayStore

Candy camera app allows you to take beautiful selfies anywhere in the world. More than 100 million people taking selfies through Candy Camera worldwide, it allows you to make your skin look amazing and balanced. It comes with a diverse range of filters ranging from animals, cats, season, occasion, festivals and trends which are perfectly designed for selfies.

Changing filters is very easy in this app. You just have to swipe right to change the filter and select the best filter to make your selfie perfect.  The app comes with special beauty functions which allow you to look slim, glow your skin to increase whitening, apply lipstick, make you blush, apply eyeliner.

4. B612 – Selfiegenic Camera

Click here to download from PlayStore

B612 app is ranked as No 1 app in photo category in whopping 60 countries. This app is arguably the best app for perfect selfie. More than 350 million people use this to get incredible selfie experience. From fun stickers to recent AR filters, from skin toning to image sharpening, from tint to glow, this app has everything you would need to get the best selfie. It also allows you to create cartoon selfies which makes your conversation interesting.  

5. BeautyPlus – Easy Photo Editor

Click here to download from PlayStore

Tired of editing selfies? Here is the app you guys are waiting for. It edits your photo, makes them look real, and enhances your beauty. Basically, it converts every photo of yours into a perfect, adorable photo. With powerful editing tools and artistic effects, you can basically take your selfie to untapped level.

In this app, you can also create video selfies which are like a cherry on the cake. You can do all your makeup with makeup filters which allow you to edit eye colors, lipstick, eyeliner blemish remove. ,

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