Independence Day of India Speech, Essay, Article 15th August 2019

Independence Day of India Speech, Essay, Article 15th August 2019

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15th August is celebrated annually in India as Independence Day. It is the day when India got independence from the United Kingdom. We will celebrate 73rd Independence Day of India on 15th August 2019. Here is a sample Independence Day of India Essay, Speech, Paragraph, Article 15th August 2019.

Independence Day of India Speech, Essay, Article 15th August 2019

On August 15, 1947, the credit for the sanctity of independence was done by the British Government of our beloved India. In any case, our generation, 1947, is a historic year. We must maintain the sacred memory of this historical year’s sacred history. 15th August every year is celebrated as “Independence Day”.

There is no other happiness as freedom, such as a man or country. Knowing this, many tried to risk their lives for the independence of India. Thousands of freedom fighters and millions of people died to get freedom from the British Empire. Even though everyone’s attempt is different, this path has the same purpose and it is India’s freedom! The British ruled India for 150 years. In those days, they destroyed our history, power, and self-esteem.

Many people have got freedom in different ways and through many sacrifices. They died with the smile on face because they saw the dream of a free country where their next generation will be under no one’s authority, they will decide what they want to do and how to live. Our generation is born in an independent India. Now we have to do our job to save the freedom of India! For this, on August 15, we should celebrate a holy festival. You swear today and take a pledge to do well for the betterment of the country.

It has been 72 years of Independence but India now faces a real threat from the inside. Military and Indian Government can pretty much handle the external threats but to have a real independent nation, we need to solve the internal problem. And for that, we need to change; we need to be responsible citizens.

The day when every individual is treated equally, the male-female ratio is equal, women are not exploited or treated as commodities, the old age people are no more a burden but respected the way they should be, people are educated, poverty is eradicated and employment opportunities are available to one and all, it is on that day that India will be truly independent for me.

Jai Hind, Jai India

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