Open Letter to Ur Indian Consumer

Open Letter to Ur Indian Consumer

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Ur Indian Consumer Youtube Channel which is famous for Blunt, Unbiased Reviews recently crossed the landmark of 1 Million Subscribers on YouTube.  Here is the Open Letter to Ur Indian Consumer.

Open Letter to Ur Indian Consumer

Dear Ur Indian Consumer,

I have seen many YouTubers with 1 million subscribers and you are no different. But I have never seen anyone who has contributed back to society for the consumers who have seen your growth and eventually become part of the UIC Family. This is what makes you unique. People celebrate this milestone, but you have challenged your status quo and come up with

Ever since I started watching your vlog channel, I knew there is something which is pretty much common between you and the audience. The way you communicate directly reached to our heart and I can proudly say that whatever I am today, at least 1% is because of the things which you have shared in your videos.

Remember your one of the oldest video on the channel, Jo Bhi Main song from Rockstar movie, it was really amazing and see how life has moved ahead from that song to your poetry Talash. I will really love to see more such poetry or songs.

I saw your video which you uploaded upon reaching 1000 subscribers on YouTube wherein you about the channel. You said that the basic idea behind UIC is to improve the quality standard of the consumer market by giving blunt, unbiased reviews, comparisons and you know what, it is still the same. Everything is a function of time. As time moves ahead, people change. But day by day, you are becoming a better version of yourself.

When you had a family of 5000 subscribers, you explained that there is no difference between Your Indian Consumer and You Are Indian Consumer. And now the UIC family consists of more than a million consumers.

It is not only about money. It is about the things which money cannot buy. You have taught us a lot of things which are essential in day to day life. One of your videos talks about the Groww app – Mutual fund app while the other talks about the Cambly App wherein you can have a conversation with an English language teacher. You have also talked about the stock market, budget wedding series, financial decisions, career decisions, GST, blood donation and the list never ends.

You taught us to always say the right thing and stand behind it. You have had difficulties, up and downs, a couple of legal notices yet you have reached this milestone and I am sure there are many beautiful things lined up. You have not just thought about yourself, but also opened doors for others by clearing their vision which no one in the 21st century would do.  The UIC family is growing day by day and feel blessed to be part of the UIC family.

People often say Jack of all trades, master of none. But you made us believe in Jack of all trades, master of one.

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