Things You Must Do to Make Money Online from YouTube and Blogging

Things You Must Do to Make Money Online from YouTube and Blogging

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Things You Must Do to Make Money Online from YouTube and Blogging is a blog post published on The Other Perception which talks about the Things You Must Do to Make Money Online from YouTube and Blogging.

Things You Must Do to Make Money Online from YouTube and Blogging

People often get confused about whether to start a YouTube channel or a blog. Both YouTube, as well as a blog, has got positive as well as negative points. So it depends on your choice what you actually want to start and what you actually want to achieve in your life. Both things required same dedication, the same amount of investment and the most important thing: patience. You cannot get success within one month. You never know when you are going to get success. Sometimes it takes one month or a year. We see people comparing YouTube and blog but believe me both things are completely different. Let’s understand more about Things You Must Do to Make Money Online from YouTube and Blogging.

 Writing a blog:

In order to be a successful blogger, you have to have quality content and great website. You may also go for free subdomains like and but it is always better to go for top level Dominos like .com and .in You must learn how to write a quality content. Once you are done with a content all you need is a website to display your content to the potential audience. For this, you need to spend some amount of money for domain and hosting. You may decide domain name depending on your choice and hosting from any of the companies like or

Once you have the domain and hosting ready all you need is someone to design a website for you. So either you can do it for yourself or you may hire someone to do it for you. Once your website is ready all you need to do is upload your content to your website. Now comes the important part which is bread and butter for blogger- SEO that is Search Engine Optimisation. It basically allows you to rank your web pages on the search engine so that whenever someone search related to a particular topic whose information is written on your page search engines will automatically show your web pages on top.

It basically let the audience know about your website and the content which you have written it helps you to get organic traffic and a decent amount of money from Google AdSense.

There are few tips to make a successful career in blogging.

Write simple but unique upload regularly identify your target audience and accordingly build the connection with your audience and get to know what they expect from you. Design your website to get a professional look to invest in yourself try new things which audience might like.

A YouTube channel:

YouTube allows you to upload videos. In order to create a top quality video, you need to consider three things in your mind. First one is content which plays an important role whether you are a YouTuber or a blogger. You can start YouTube channel about anything like making motivational videos, travel videos, fashion, cooking, Healthcare, stand up comedy, teaching or any web series. If you are a travel vlogger how shooting outside where are plenty of light is available you don’t need to invest in light but if you are shooting Indore especially tech YouTuber you need to have a proper setup with good lighting conditions.

There is various type of lights available in the market ranging from 100 rupees a couple of thousands of rupees. Good light ensures clear visibility to the audience and it also looks professional. The third important thing for a YouTuber is Audio. Your audio should be clear and free from noise. In order to record audio free from unwanted noise, you have to have good, high-quality equipment which helps you to record noise-free audio.Everyone wants to earn the decent amount of money especially college students when they are just about to enter the corporate world.

Creating a website is very common nowadays when you have easy website builder and content management system i.e. CMS tools available. Websites are not just a way to let others know what you have, it is also about to let others know what you know through blogging. Role of the website has changed tremendously from displaying limited information to unlimited, easily accessible information. Let us have a look at the ways to earn money from the website.

Selling Products or Service

Seller has to create a website where you will sell products online which might be manufactured by the third party or they may be handmade ones. He just has to display those products on your website. People will browse through them and select the one they wish to buy, they will pay for it via available payment options like online payment, net banking, wallet, credit card, debit card or cash on delivery. Once the order is placed by a buyer, the seller is supposed to confirm the order. Now comes the major part of delivery where seller goes for delivery companies who do the work of delivering product from warehouse to your house. This is how money can be made by selling products. It is also termed as the E-Commerce platform. Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart, eBay are all E-Commerce companies where they allow sellers to sell products online.


Advertising is the backbone of the website. Every blogger wants to earn through advertisements. In this category, ads are shown on your website and you will be paid depending upon the number of times the ad has been seen i.e. CPI (Cost per impression) and the number of times the visitor has clicked on the ad i.e. CPC (Cost per Click). It is arguably the best way to earn a decent amount of money. There are various advertising platforms like Google AdSense, Infolinks, AdChoice, Facebook etc which pay you on CPC basis.  You have to have enough number of content on your website in order to get their approval to put ads on your website. Once you are approved to put ads on your website, you are good to go. You may earn up to 500 USD per month depending upon the number of visitors you get.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically for bloggers where they promote other products by telling pros and cons of the product. For example, if you happen to be a fashion blogger and if you promote Levi’s clothing on your website, then for every purchase through your website will earn you the commission. Nowadays, most of the brands prefer investing in affiliate marketing as it helps to maintain trust with customers and to gain loyal customers.  There are various third parties which allow you to promote products on your website. has also launched Amazon Affiliate where you will get a commission on every purchase of the product through your website. If your website is getting a lot of traffic per day, then you will earn a very good amount of money as a commission.

Google AdSense is an advertising program initiated by Google in 2003 which allows publishers to put advertises on AdSense approved websites in the form of text, images, GIF or videos. Google AdSense constitutes almost 65 percent of Google’s gross revenue. When Google started in 1996, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Google founders were completely focused on building a search engine. Once they stabilized in the business with enough command over search engine, they started thinking about how to make money out of the business. So they came up with Google AdSense.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a platform for publishers to advertise their product or service in the form of text, images, or videos. Publishers pay Google the advertising fees and Google does advertising job on various platforms like websites, blogs, applications and youtube videos. Google AdSense for Android applications is termed as AdMob.

How Google AdSense works?

Let us consider you Bill is the owner of Chocolate Company and he wants to advertise the newly launched chocolate product. So Bill asks Google to advertise the chocolate product. Bill is ready to pay 100 USD per day and he wants to advertise this product to people whose age varies from 18 to 25. Google will make sure Bill’s requirements will get fulfilled. So Google will advertise Bill’s Chocolate on website and youtube videos which have approved AdSense account. Google will also give money to those account holders depending on the number of impressions and number of clicks. So as a publisher, Bill will get successful sells conversion, as an advertising platform Google will earn money and website owner will also get the commission.

How to get Google AdSense approval?

Getting an AdSense approval is not an easy task. Many of the time, people lose motivation when they do not get AdSense approval and they give up. In order to get AdSense approval, you must provide valuable, unique content. No copy-paste is allowed. You must have minimum 15-20 posts on your website. In some countries, your domain name should be 6 months old which also shows that you are a dedicated person.  Your website should provide god navigation and user experience. It should have all important pages like About Us, Contact Us, Copyright Policy, Privacy Policy, and Sitemap. Your site should also have organic traffic. You should avoid getting traffic from paid to click programs.

In order to get Adsense approval on youtube account, you need to have 10,000 views or 1000 subscribers. Once you fulfill these requirements, you are allowed to apply for Google AdSense.

How to apply for Google AdSense?

Once you fulfill all requirements and once your website is ready to apply for Google Adsense, you need to create Google AdSense Account. Sign in with your Google Account and create Google AdSense Account. Enter the URL of your website correctly and other personal details such as address, mobile number etc. Once you create AdSense approval, Google will give you an approval code which is to be copied and pasted in between <head> and </head>. Google usually takes up to 3 days to approve your Google AdSense account. You will be notified via email after 3 days if your Google AdSense is approved or not.

What to do after AdSense approval?

After your Adsense is approved, you will receive an approval email from Google. Log in to your Google Adsense account which will help you generate ad units. Ad units are HTML code of ads which will be displayed on your website. Once ad units are generated, they are to be inserted on your website either by various plugins or manually. Ads will be displayed wherever code is inserted.

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