Alright’s Backpackers Web Series – An Unforgettable Journey

Alright is here with it’s first and very amazing #webseries Backpackers. #Backpackers is a story of Kanan and Era, 2 #travel lovers who happen to meet each other during a trip to Manali and this unforgettable journey sparks a never ending bond in them. Let’s read more about Alright’s Backpackers Web Series – An Unforgettable Journey

Alright’s Backpackers Web Series – An Unforgettable Journey

Kanan, a boring banker who is on a solo trip to find a solution, his ex-girlfriend feels that he is below average, he has never taken his head out of the window while travelling in a bus who hang out with three complete strangers Era, Shivang and Anna who are college friends and are on the last trip before Anna flies off to Australia for her marriage and Shivang joins his father’s business in Beijing.

He had a breakup with Namrata, and she used to think that the relationship with Kanan is suffocating as Karan is boring.

When the bus halts for breakfast, Kanan wants to check the price of shares he has invested in Upstox. Due to the unavailability of the internet, Era takes him to the place where he can have access to the network. By the time they come, the bus has already gone leaving Kanan, Era, Shivang and Anna alone. They somehow get a lift and reach their camp. On the next day, they go for a trek and watch a beautiful sunset.

Alright's Backpackers Web Series - An Unforgettable Journey

Alright’s Backpackers Web Series – An Unforgettable Journey

Looking at the sunset, Anna confesses that she’s scared of marriage, adjusting with a complete stranger, adopting a new lifestyle.

Shivang says that he has no interest in joining his dad’s business in Beijing but he will still do it for money.

Kanan adds to the confession that whenever there used to be problems in his ex-girlfriend’s life, she would go for a solo trip to find out the solution. That is the reason why Kanan has also come for a solo trip.

When Era was asked to speak, she said that she does not have anything to confess and says that she does not keep any regrets.

As the trip moves forward, on the last day, Era takes Kanan to a coffee shop where Kanan asks Era whether she would like to be with him. She says she doesn’t like to settle. She also says that Kanan is one of the best place she has ever visited, yet she’ll regret her decision of not being with him.

Somewhere in our life, we come across someone with whom we share a very good bonding, yet we cannot be part of his/her life and we let them go. Many of the times, we love them but we do not confess. Even though life itself is a risk, we do not take one when it comes to holding on to the same person or not. Maybe we are afraid that if we become too close, it will be difficult for us to separate in future and it will hurt a lot. But we often forget that life is a journey and this journey is an unpredictable thing. We plan our journey but the thing is journey plans things for us. And the journey never ends. Even if does, restart. After all, it is your journey.

Hope you loked Alright’s Backpackers Web Series – An Unforgettable Journey. Don’t forget to watch the web series here. Thank you.