An Open Letter To A Stranger

An Open Letter to a Stranger

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Do you know the very best friend of yours was once a stranger. We are completely strangers when we meet someone and when the person leaves, we become strangers again. Here is An Open Letter to a Stranger.

An Open Letter to a Stranger

Dear Stranger,

Do you remember when you moved here? I was 16 when I got a glimpse of you. You got down from the car. It was November. You were wearing a black sweatshirt, and had a lot of luggage. We were neighbours. Your gallery was just facing mine. And far I could see, your room embellished with Ronaldo’s portraits.

Do you remember when we met near the mango tree in our backyard? It was raining. And you had an umbrella just enough to cover both of Us. I loved the way you cared about.

Do you remember how we became friends? You had a book in hand -The Fault In Our Stars.
And you asked, “OKAY?”
“OKAY”, I replied.

Do you remember when you taught me how to make Dal Makhani on Uncle and Aunty’s 18th Anniversary? I was awful at cooking. Do you remember when you baked my favourite chocolate cake on my birthday? And you recorded “Ek Ajnabee Haseena Se” with your terrible voice. I loved your efforts. Do you remember when we played a game on Xbox, ‘A newbie lost’, you said. Yes, a newbie did lose but had gained an Amity.

We were lying supine after watching  Five Feet Apart. and you mumbled, ‘It’s just life, It’ll be over before we know it.’ And now you don’t recall even the slightest of feelings we had for one another. And then one night you abandoned me with all our beautiful reminiscence. You never did let me know about your brain tumour.

I’m writing this where we first met, near Mango tree and now you aren’t here. For now, I’m all drenched in this rain. And you know what day is it today? Uncle & Aunty’s 21st anniversary. And I’ve prepared Dal Makhani, all alone.

The newbie is missing you.


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An Open Letter To A Stranger
An Open Letter To A Stranger

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