An Argument With Myself

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If you ever try to win an argument with yourself, you know how hard it is to change your mind. ‘An Argument with Myself’ is a fiction story published on The Other Perception in which Rohan argues with himself. Where will this conversation go? 

Rohan: hey Rohan.
Me: What?
Rohan: listen to me.
Me: No way, just leave me alone.
Rohan: What happened? Why are you not talking to me?
Me: oh, look who is asking?
Rohan: common buddy, can’t I ask?
Me: no, you don’t have to. Like you’ll kick my ass and you ask if it hurts or not. You’ll tear my assignment pages and will ask if it was important or not. How the hell can you behave like that?
Rohan: Chill, I didn’t mean it.
Me: I just don’t want to talk to you.
Rohan: But…
Me: Just shut your mouth and get lost. I don’t want to listen to anything from you.
Rohan: But I….
Me: Don’t you understand what I said just now? What do you want so that you’ll go from here?
Rohan: But I love you, Rohan.
Me: So what?
Rohan: Who was there for you when your 2 am friend was offline? Who cried with you when you were crying in a train with unknown strangers? Who helped you complete all your assignments when you were running late behind the schedule? Who talked to you when your Ex blocked you, you didn’t have an internet connection, your mobile’s battery drained off? Who talked to you when you used to drive scooty or car? I was there for you, always but you never realised. I had no expectations from you and I still don’t have any. I am always with you no matter how much data is left, whether your mobile’s battery is charged or not, I am always there with you till your last breath.
Me: Stop this emotional drama now, I know how good you are at writing. You keep disturbing Neha and Meera with WhatsApp stories of your cooked food. You talked to me about both of them and I forget to talk to them. Today also, I didn’t tell Neha that I’ll be coming for Guitar class so we can have a chat for 5 mins and she got angry. You are responsible for that.

Rohan: Hey, I reminded you the time when you took the scooty out of your building that you love to go to guitar class but meeting Neha is like a cherry on the cake. But you forgot to let her know. That’s not my mistake. Stop playing blame game now.
Me: Did you just say cherry on the cake?
Rohan: Yes, I did. Why? What happened?
Me: You remember the cake which you made on my birthday, it was superb. I even uploaded it as a WhatsApp status and as usual, everyone liked it a lot. On 21st I met Neha at Nerul station and I gave her the cake which I could successfully save in my fridge.

Rohan: Oh, so you are the one who stole it. You were supposed to have that cake. I thought you’ll eat it but you gave it to her. You’ll never realize how badly I poured all my love for you and you gave it to her.
Me: Hey, listen. I didn’t steal it. I just wanted to give it to her and that’s what I did. Does it matter if she eats it or me?
Rohan: Okay, then why didn’t you give it to Meera?
Me: I asked her to meet me, but one of our friends is busy until next week. So we will be meeting very soon. I’ll give her something let’s see what you are ready to cook for her.
Rohan: Okay, I’ll definitely cook something good for her and your friend but you are not going to get a single bite of it. Let’s meet now, I have cooked something for you.
Me: Don’t lie to me, How can you cook and chat with me at the same time?
Rohan: I just now cooked something in the oven. So you didn’t realise that I was cooking.
Me: Liar. If you’ve really cooked something, then send me the photo of it.

Me: Oh my god! That looks delicious. Wait I’m coming. Give me 2 minutes, let me wash my face.
Rohan: hey come fast. Your 2 minutes will reduce the size of pizza by exactly half. Wanna see the magic?

Me: Hey, stay away from the pizza. That’s my pizza. I’m going to have it.

*Takes the first bite*

Me: Oh, it is really delicious and creamy. Well baked base with perfectly cooked topping. Cheesy pizza sauce is the best one I’ve ever tested. Thank you so much for the pizza. I love you Rohan.
Rohan: I love you too Rohan.
Me: Now please don’t upload our conversation on WhatsApp story which will be visible to Neha and Meera.
Rohan: I’ve already uploaded. You are too late.
Me: Oh God you idiot. I hate you.

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