Cake for F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Fiction Story by The Other Perception

Cake for F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

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“Mummy, who the hell is ringing the doorbell continuously? Please go and see.” I screamed loudly.

I looked at the watch. 12.35 am. Neither milkman nor paperwala comes at this time.

“I don’t know why people don’t want me to sleep” I mumbled.

“Shreya, you here, that too alone? All good?” Mummy asked curiously.

“How on the planet earth can everything be alright when my brother makes a delicious chocolate cake. And who the hell uploads cake’s photos as a status at midnight when all cake shops are closed and the only way to stop my craving was to come here. So, Mr. Raj Bhanushali, I hope I have clarified all your doubts.” I could clearly see the frustrated hunger in her eyes.

“Anyways aunty, it is a long weekend ahead so I’ll be here for 2 days and my brother is going to cook for me.” She smiled when she said the last sentence.

Cooking for cousins is amazing. You do all preparation from chopping vegetables to cooking to cleaning utensils and your siblings will not even bother to say thank you. They’ll click photo to upload as a Status with Caption- Cooked by my brother! Love you 🙂 But in reality, it is completely the opposite of it.

“Shreya, control” I somehow managed to speak.

“Raj, behave yourself. Don’t you understand the very basic thing of Supply and Demand? There is a demand for your cake and if you can’t supply, you shouldn’t do business at all.” She started yelling.

“You and your economics. Keep your knowledge to yourself and let me pass off. See you tomorrow. Good night.” I went to sleep again.

Next Morning

“Wake up!! Get me a cup of coffee and french toast. Wake up!!” Shreya pushed me which felt like a mini-earthquake.

“How did you manage to wake up at 9 am? How is that even possible?” I interrogated.

“I haven’t slept much Shreya. After every 20-30 minutes, I used to open the door of the refrigerator to…”

The moment I heard a refrigerator, I knew that the cake was finished.

“You finished it all. You couldn’t even wait till morning. I was supposed to give it to my friend, I mean friends.”

“Hey Mr, I haven’t even touched the cake and…”

“Why would you touch it when you can have it with a spoon. I know how moist, sponge, well-frosted cake it was.”

“Oh god, you idiot. I just looked at the delicious cake and closed the door of the refrigerator.” She explained.

“Are you kidding me?”

“I’m sorry. I just went to get some milk and I saw the delicious cake staring at me. I couldn’t resist myself from having it. So I only tasted the cream. And I finished it all. I am sorry.”

“Do you have any idea how to behave when you visit someone? Is this a way to behave?”

“Hey, let me tell you one thing. This is my house. I have every right to do whatever I want to do. And you can’t stop me from doing anything. Being my big brother, your responsibility is to protect me from everyone.”

“You need to protect me from my friend, I mean friends. I am supposed to meet them at 11 am and I even told mom to keep some cake for them aside. I won’t be able to make another cake for them. I spoiled their morning. It all happened just because of you.”

“Oh, look who is talking. You are ready to make another cake for them, but you are telling me because I ate the entire cake. What nonsense.”

“My friend, I mean friends will kill me if I don’t give them a cake. You are the one to be blamed in this situation. They won’t believe that you ate the entire cake. It would be difficult for me to make them believe that you are the culprit.”

“Fine, I would come with you to meet your friend, you mean friends.”

At 11 am

“So your friend, you mean friends are here. Introduce me to her.”

“Yes sure. Hey Meera, she is Shreya. The one who looks innocent in my profile picture but isn’t in real life.”

All of us laughed.

“And Shreya, meet Meera. My friend.” I continued.

As soon as I said ‘friend’ Shreya gave a doubtful look, Meera laughed and I blushed.

“Meera, I am sorry. I promised to give you a cake but Shreya came at midnight and ate the entire cake when I was sleeping. I couldn’t save anything for you. Sorry.” I confessed.

“It’s okay Raj. I am fine with it. I truly believe that Shreya deserved to have it as she dared to ring your bell at midnight.” She laughed

“I agree but I couldn’t keep my promise. It shouldn’t have happened.”

Our sorry-thank you continued for minutes and all of sudden, a box of cake appeared from Shreya’s handbag.

Cake for F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Fiction Story by The Other Perception

“I am your little sister Raj with a big heart. I know how much you love your friends. When you went to sleep you got a message from Meera that you both will meet tomorrow at 11 am and she will be waiting for a cake. Then I planned the entire drama as I always do. I am sorry but I wanted to see your love for her, I mean for your friends….”

“Oh, that’s so sweet…” Meera mentioned.

“Thank you,” Shreya replied.

“I was talking about the cake.” Meera joked.

All three of us had a very good laugh.

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