YouTube Video Ad Sequencing

YouTube Video Ad Sequencing

The modern-day buyer spends a lot of time online and the attention is pulled away by multiple brands. Advertisers have to work harder to push creatives in a cluttered and personalised media environment. Advertisers are striving to get the most impact out of their media investment. Compared to TV and traditional advertising channels, digital offers more control to customise creative and target users based on their browsing history and the type of content they consume. Now the digital ecosystem has evolved and offers control over the order in which the creatives are presented to users. In this article, let us understand more about YouTube Video Ad Sequencing.

YouTube Video Ad Sequencing

What is Video Ad Sequencing (VAS)

Video ad sequencing is a series of videos the brand would like to showcase to its target audience. VAS allows you to repeatedly put yourself as a brand in front of your target audience and narrate your brand story.

YouTube Video Ad Sequencing

While Ad Sequencing is available on Facebook, when it comes to Ad Sequencing on YouTube, you can use skippable-instream ad, non-skippable ad, bumper ad or any combination of them. You get to decide the order of the videos and the sequence conditions that will help users progress through your ad sequence.

Benefits of YouTube VAS

Advertising is said to be more effective when the assets are linked and delivered in sequence. With the help of VAS, brands can drive impact on key metrics such as Ad Recall, Top of Mind Awareness and consideration. VAS also allows you to build up a desired frequency that would be needed to move brand metrics.

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Brand Lift in YouTube VAS

To measure the impact of a YouTube Video Ad Sequencing campaign, the Brand can set up a BLS on Google Ads or Display Video 360. Please note that the budget requirements of BLS are doubled if you are running a VAS Campaign due to reach requirements for statistical significance. Because only users who have been exposed to the first ad in a sequence are eligible to see the next videos in the sequence, reach is inherently limited.

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