How News Publishers Make Money from Advertising?

How News Publishers Make Money from Advertising?

If you think that the News Publishers Earn Money Only From Advertising, you are wrong. Publishers these days are generating revenue in a variety of ways such as Subscription Sales, Membership Drive, Sponsored Content, Affiliate Links etc. Yet, for most of the News Publishes, Revenue from Advertising still accounts for more than 70% of the total revenue. 

A decade ago, reading the newspaper every morning with a cup of tea was the classic habit of most adults. Over the period, the cup of tea remained the same but the newspaper was replaced by a news website or a news app.

How News Publishers Make Money from Advertising?
How News Publishers Make Money from Advertising?

There has been an evolution in media consumption as well. With a lot of readers shifting focus from newspaper to news apps and websites and e-papers, news publishers have started monetizing their website and app content to grow revenue. Brands who used to buy an ad slot on the first page of the newspaper now shifted their focus to buying ad slots on the news website or a news app.

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Buying space digitally came with its advantages. Advertisers could select the locations where the ad needs to be served. A step ahead, it became possible for advertisers to target audiences based on their behaviour and demographics. 

This also allowed advertisers to track consumer journey right from serving the ad impression to driving users to the website and engaging them to further drive action. The data was readily available for advertisers so they can analyse the campaign, get detailed insights, see the potential impact on the business and plan further campaigns based on learnings. You can learn more about this here.

Because of these advantages, the Publisher sales team started selling the ad space to the advertisers who are looking for specific placement on the specific web page like placement on the top of the homepage. The ad space was also sold to ad tech platforms like ad exchanges, ad networks and header bidding providers to maximise the revenue.

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