Why JCB ki Khudai meme is trending now?

Why JCB ki Khudai meme is trending now? is the question you might have asked to yourself. JCB ki Khudai is a trending topic on social media. Let’s get into further details.

Why JCB ki Khudai meme is trending now?

Are you the one to wake up after a long night and you open social media to see JCB ki Khudai Meme is trending now? then the obvious thing you will do is google Why JCB ki Khudai meme is trending now? It is trending because we have more free time in our life and we are just looking out for a content to create meme.

It is said that the meme is trending because of the controversial statement given by one of the MP of Hyderabad. He was talking about the employment issues in India and stated that “Indian people are unemployed and have a lot of free time. Even if the JCB work is going on somewhere, people will gather to see what is happening over there.” Well, not sure if people will wait to see the JCB, they will surely make the memes out of it.

After the statement, local groups started circulating memes on social media and JCB ki Khudai meme was evolved.

In 21st century, almost anything and everything can become the meme content on social media, and JCB ki Khudai is another example to be considered. After the JCB ki Khudai memes are getting viral, people are curious to know what is happening around. Let’s enjoy the memes and appreciate the creativity.

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