Love, Breakup and Confusion

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I wanna be with you but I can’t.
It’s difficult to stay away from you.
Even if I stayed, my mind and I are always with you
as if I can’t live without you
Then why I am not with you?

Sometimes to get out of this situation, some people assume that they are together. But they aren’t. They lie. There comes a time when they can’t handle the situation, and they change place, they break contacts with friends, family. But their heart is still stuck behind. Past starts killing their future. At that time, they don’t see anyone around whether they are really good for them or not. The only thing they think is that they can’t handle the situation. All they need is someone to share everything, instead, they choose to keep everything in their mind. How much will they hide from others?

Sometimes, we fall in love with someone we can’t have…
Maybe, it is because he or she is out of our reach,
Maybe, because this person is already committed to someone else,
Maybe, because this person is too hard to get,
Or maybe, this person doesn’t reciprocate the feelings,
But we too don’t give up easily.
We just want that one person.

So, when you want someone you cannot have in your life, you can relax, step back, invest somewhere else and try for another one. But the best thing is to do what you love, do what you believe. Love that person without expectation. It is difficult, but people get used to it. And just hope that someday, that person will reciprocate the feelings.
Because One side love is the purest form of love.

One of the hardest decision I have ever faced in my life is choosing whether to walk away or try harder.
There comes a point when you have to realise that you have done too much for someone,
The only thing you can do is to stop.
Leave them alone.
Walk away.

I know it is difficult,
I know it hurts to let someone go,
But sometimes it hurts more to hold on.

One day, you are gonna miss him/her,
You are gonna remember how much you loved them,
And then You are gonna hate yourself for letting them go.

Sometimes you just have to live your life, even when you have to let someone go.

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