When Meera Met Rohan

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It is good to have a friend with whom one can share everything about life. It is much better to have a friend who can share a food cooked by him. Meera was luck to found both in Rohan who is a very good chef. After spending a couple of years working in a Restaurant, Rohan decides to start his own cafe in New York. ‘When Meera met Rohan’ is a story published on The Other Perception in which Meera who works for Google in Palo Alto come to New York for her office work and decide to surprise Rohan.

“Cafe Single, 87th Street, Manhattan, New York City, NY 10026” Read his status update.

“It has to be somewhere, I am sure Rohan must have added the location on Google Maps. Let me check” She searched for the cafe and found that it was 0.3 miles away. It was situated in the heart of Manhattan and it is popular for its special type of menu planned for single people.

“Oh, thank god I am very close to the cafe” She took a deep breath.

Walking, actually running those 0.3 miles was the only workout of Meera as she was going to meet Rohan after almost a year. Meeting your best friend after a year feels a little bit awkward.

“Oh, the cafe looks nice and the view is mesmerizing. I don’t know why but I am getting scared.” She kept mumbling.

“What if he refuses to identify me? No, he will never do that. And I’ll never let it happen. What if he would have changed? Will he be the same Rohan I used to chat a few years ago till 2 am?”

Those questions were like a roller coaster ride for her, scary yet enjoyable.

“Table for me.” She said firmly to the waiter.

“Sure Ma’am, please come in. Have a seat. I’ll be back”

“The seating arrangement for single people seems to be the best I’ve ever seen. Even menu card is specifically designed for single people in Cafe Single. Such a caring gesture from Rohan so that food should not get wasted. Why should it not be? Rohan is single after all. He should take care of people belonging to the community of being single. The inner environment of the cafe is calm, pleasant, quiet and spacious. I really liked the cafe. First of all, I am in love with the atmosphere, inner decoration, seating arrangement and most importantly it belongs to Rohan.” She kept on talking to herself while browsing through the Menu Card and waiter came to disturb.

“What would you like to have Ma’am?”

His Ma’am sounded like a typical American accent.

“What would you recommend? I have never been here before.” She replied as this was the only option to get to know more about the cafe.

“I would ask you to go for Chef’s Special Single which is specially made for single, I mean those who come alone.” He replied.

His little weird smile on word ‘Single’ made her blood run faster than Usain Bolt does. She wanted to hit his face.

“Control Meera, you are in New York, not in New Mumbai.” She said to herself.

“Chef’s Special Single is a full course meal which is prepared by our Chef. In the starter, you will have grilled prawns, fresh paneer and juicy chicken wings followed by small pizza depending on your choice. In the main course, you’ll get Butter Chicken with Butter Naan, Veg or Chicken Biryani. In the desert, we have the variety of dishes ranging from chocolate mousse, cupcakes, pancakes, pastry, cake, cheesecake and Mango Icecream. And the best thing of all is Desert will be served by Chef.”

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The way he listed all the items in Menu, she would have given 10 on 10 had it been a viva question at Mumbai University.

“I’ll go for chef’s special single.”

“That’s great. I’m sure it will remind you of the Indian food. I’ll be back within few minutes. Have a nice time.”

The cafe was partially full. Everyone was having a nice time. The cafe was beautifully designed which looked more like a European cafe with photos of European countries painted on the wall.

“Here is your order Ma’am. Let me know if you need anything. Enjoy! “

The moment he left, the first thing she did was she started clicking selfie and photo of the beautifully plated Indian food in New York, Heart of the US. How can she go to one of the finest cafes in New York by the finest person on the planet, and not post a single photo on Instagram without tagging Rohan?

She took the first bite of the chicken. It was juicy, spicy and well grilled. Butter chicken had a thick layer of butter which melted way faster than her heart did when she took the first bite. She ate all of the food with her hands. Eating chicken with spoon and fork is the worst decision ever.

“Meal was the best I’ve ever had outside India. It has to be best, it was …..”

She was about to complete her sentence and then all of sudden he appeared.

“Here is your desert Ma….Maeera you, oh my god I never thought we will meet again that too in my cafe in New York.” He said controlling his blush as he does everytime they meet.

“Why shouldn’t I be here you idiot? I came following your Instagram status. Remember the time when you used to upload photos of your cooked food on Instagram stories, it used to disappear after 24 hours but their screenshots are still saved in my Google Drive.” Finally, words escaped from her heart.

He was the one she had been waiting for years, it was his dream to host her in his cafe and it was her dream too to have food in his cafe.

“That’s so sweet of you. When did you come to New York? You got transferred from Palo Alto?” He asked curiously as he always does.

“No, actually I’m here to attend the meeting with fellow Google Employees in New York office.” She clarified.

“Look what I have got. Caramelised salted almond chocolate, chocolate cake, and mango ice-cream. What would you like to have?”

She ate chocolates, cakes, and ice-cream. Food was tastier, dessert was too sweet and delicious. Maybe it was his love. Maybe she loved them all. Or maybe it was their love.

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