Will We Meet Again? Meera and Raj Sad Love Story

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Will We Meet Again? Meera and Raj Sad Love Story is a fiction based Love story of Meera and Raj published on The Other Perception in which Meera, an engineering student from Mumbai falls in love with Raj, an engineering graduate from Chennai who stays miles apart? They stay miles apart but there is something which brings Raj closer to Meera and she eventually falls in love with him. One day Raj decides to come to Mumbai and he meets Meera for an hour. Will they meet again?

May I have your attention, please? One One Zero Four One Mumbai CST Chennai Central Express is arriving shortly on Platform No 5. 

The same announcement I had grown weary of hearing day after day when on my way to college did not seem remotely as irritating now. I checked my seat number.

S-5, 41,42

It had been a year since I was trapped in a Jail. My crime was to choose Engineering over other options. I just finished my semester exam. I was so engrossed in my studies; I just wanted to escape like hot lava from the volcano of Engineering. The only way to get parole was to travel. And the honking of the train made sure I was alive. Arriving train gave me the same feeling of when I see the food coming at a Restaurant. Getting onto the train was like entering a new world. I got into the carriage and stood at the door, waving goodbye to my brother as the train left the platform.

“Which temple were you talking about mamma?” I asked.
“Adhiparasakthi Siddhar Peetam Temple,” She replied.

It wasn’t strange to listen such weird name being a Tamilian, but I was least interested in it.

My love for trains might have begun when I was a kid; when we were taken once or twice every year on long-distance train journeys. Of course, the window seat was a treat, and if you saw the engine turn while looking out of it, the purpose of the entire trip was served. I was standing at the door of Chennai Central Express, with the morning breeze on my face, watching the silhouettes of coconut trees lighten.

“Hey Meera, are you all right?” A female voice announced.

She was Ananya. A young girl of my age who was traveling with our group.

“Yeah. I guess,” I prompted.


Our Chennai trip lasted for 7 days. Ananya and I became very good friends and exchanged our numbers. I was added to a WhatsApp group of Ananya’s friends.

Gayatri Menon
Commerce Graduate
Working as an assistant manager in HSBC

Krishna Nair
Mass Media graduate
Working for a Local Magazine

Karan Srinivasan
Working at Fortis Hospital

I had no interest in reading those boring introductions. Everyone, for god’s sake, was not a criminal. They chose something other than Engineering. And then something strange happened.

How can you go to goa and not booze?
How can one watch a sunset and not dream?
How can there be a group of people and Not an Engineer?

Raj Thevar
Final Year Engineering Student
Preparing for IES

Everything seems to be useless until I read the word which I hated most, the word I had a connection with, the word which resembled the crime I had committed.

Engineering. Engineering Student. Final Year Engineering student.

I finally found a criminal.
Criminal worth suffering for…

India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters. Engineering is my religion and my life is non-existent like a ray of light in a dark hole.

Like every girl does, I started stalking his profile picture. Raj was stout, muscular, had a rounded face that sported slight stubble, wore glasses and looked friendly.

“Hey” would be too simple. “Good Morning” might sound too formal.
“Hey, Nice DP!”

I finally sent the message.

And I never knew when I became so close to him that every day used to start with his message. We were miles apart but I used to feel that he is always there with me, but virtually. We were miles apart. In a life full of crowded trains, singing Tamil songs, clicking selfies, he was my missing part.


“Meera, I’ll be coming to Mumbai with my friends.” Read his text.
“That’s crazy. I can’t believe it.” I texted back, blush as if my face was dipped in the strawberry syrup.
“What is the plan?” I asked curiously.
“We’ll be visiting Shirdi. So we are planning to explore Mumbai too.” He said.
“I would be glad to help you out.” I almost screamed.

A plan is not a plan until you create a WhatsApp group for it. I made a WhatsApp group of him and his friends and guided them on how to proceed. They were supposed to get down at Pune Railway Station. From there, they were planning to catch a Bus to Mumbai. In a state full of different languages, I became his dictionary. I literally translated more than 200 words in English and Hindi from Tamil. I gave him brief introduction about the city they were going to visit.

They started their journey and I was getting excited to see him for the first time. It was 11.59 and suddenly my data pack got expired. Wifi was not working too. By the time this all happened, Raj had already got down at the Pune Railway Station and was heading toward Shivajinagar Bus Depot like a clueless stranger. His virtual assistant was not there to help him out. I was getting nervous, anxious. And then somehow she managed to top-up a data pack and sent him the text.

“Where are you? Sorry, my data pack got expired.”
Minutes later, he replied,” In the bus, on my way to Mumbai.”
“How did you make to the Bus Depot?” I asked surprisingly.
“Your translated words helped me to guide Auto driver. Thank you! It is already late. You should sleep now. My friend will be coming to pick me up at Dadar Bus Depot. So you need not worry. Good Night” He replied.
“Is it possible for you to meet me?”
“Yes, sure. I will.” He texted back.

We fixed the time and place. It was Thane station Platform No 9. Being my daily routine, it was easy for me to get there. But the story was not same for Raj as he was new in the city. I reached first as I had just finished my exams. Raj came later. But he was unable to find platform no 9, he took the wrong way. But as they say, all roads lead to the destination, he reached platform no 9. Platform No 9, totally crowded with unknown faces, he was lost. I was looking for him, trying to reach the height so that I could find him, but couldn’t. Someone started saying Oye, Oye as he always used to say. And I knew that. I realized that I am somewhere around him. As soon as I saw him, I slightly pushed him away and yelled Bhooh from behind. As he turned away, there was his beautiful girl, the only known face he could see, and the only face he wanted to say. We met, finally, intentionally yet accidentally, but we met.

I was supposed to be there for 10-15 minutes, but we never realized how many trains passed from the platform. His friends were also there to disturb us. Even my friends were there with her. He gave Bubbly Milk Chocolate to me and my friends. I told every detail about him which I remembered, and he could only get surprised thinking how I can remember all such little things about him. We talked, talked for 45 minutes. And it was a selfie time. How can you think of me with my friends and not clicking selfies, strange, isn’t it?

Every time, on last paper of unit test or semester exam, I used to click selfies with her friends at Nerul Station. But today I didn’t, just because I was supposed to meet Raj, so I clicked few selfies on his cell phone. And I saved her photograph in his mobile storage and a memory in her heart.

Raj came to platform no 2 so that I could board Kalyan train. And then the time came to say goodbye. We shook the hand, our eyes met, for one last time, and then I left. Maybe he was still looking at me, but I was gone. There was no looking back.

He left with memories, I left with hopes to see him for one more time.
Will we meet again?

Thank you so much for reading Will We Meet Again? Meera and Raj Sad Love Story. If you enjoyed this story for whatsoever reason, don’t forget to comment down and share it with your friends. I’ll see you guys in next post. Until we meet, take care.

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