How Meeting Your Friends After Years Will Be?

Let’s say you plan friends reunion after years, ever wondered how meeting your friends after years will be? Will they be the same old friends with whom you bunked lot of lectures, had a lot of fun, made a lot of memories? Or they will be grown up now, become more responsible and successful? No matter what they become, where they go, whenever their names will be heard, it will always bring a smile on our face. Read my thoughts on how my friends will be after years.

How Meeting Your Friends After Years Will Be?

How Meeting Your Friends After Years Will Be?

Meeting Your Friends After Years

1. The stand-up comedian
The last time I checked, his video was trending on YouTube. No wonder people pay to watch him perform. The only reason for studying engineering was to collect content which will make everyone laugh in future.

2. The Traveler Friend
From Oktoberfest in Germany to Rio Carnival in Brasil, From La Tomatina in Spain to Holi in India, his passport is full of visa stamps and Instagram full of travel destinations. The last time he uploaded a status on Instagram, he was in South Africa teaching English to local students.

3. The Loyal Friend
Loyal to his college, girlfriend to thi hi nahi, (he never had a girlfriend) After his PhD, he had offers from various prestigious universities to teach engineering still he chose our college.

4. The one who settled abroad
Masters from Stanford, MBA from Harvard, He stays in Silicon Valley, has 15+ Chai Cafes in California. But his dad still says, Sharma Ji ka beta PhD kar raha hai (Sharmaji’s son is pursuing PhD)

5. The one who made it to Forbes 30 under 30
Own website in the first year, e-commerce business in the second year, dropped out of college in the third year, came back to college in the fourth year for recruitment, her parent still thinks that the Government Job is better

6. The one who never loved cooking
Lockdown due to COVID-19, He started with Dalgona Coffee, Many more recipes followed, He won Masterchef India after a year, And now has 5 restaurants in Mumbai.

7. The Influencer
When she posted photos on Instagram, people made fun of her. After a year, she had 100K followers. Her family still can’t believe that she’s paid to upload photos on Instagram.

8. Football Manager
Football Tactics, Transfer Window Prediction, Contracts of Players, Post Match Discussion. You name it, he knew it. After doing MBA from London Business School, he’s currently working as Performance Analyst at his beloved football club Manchester United

9. The Writer
He did not take notes during lectures. He never wrote assignments on his own. He had no idea what to write in the exam. He is still running his 14 years old Instagram Page, writes on his website. His book was included in Amazon’s Best-Selling Books of 2030. And he is currently writing this post 🙂

Thank you for reading ‘How Meeting Your Friends After Years Will Be?‘ No matter what, Meeting Your Friends After Years will allow you to talk about all the things which you did.