Open Letter to CarryMinati

Open Letter to CarryMinati

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Ajey Nagar, who is known as CarryMinati, is an Indian YouTuber and Game Streamer who is known for Comedy Skits, Roasts and Reactions to Various online topics on his YouTube Channel CarryMinati which has close to 19 Million Subscribers. His recent where he roasted a TikToker which garnered more than 70 Million views on YouTube was pulled down. Here is an Open Letter to CarryMinati from his fans.

Open Letter to CarryMinati

Dear CarryMinati,

While watching all the misinterpretation created on social-media these days, it urged me to write to you. You have always been a stress buster to me. Your videos never fail to bring laughter on my face, no matter how much depressed or sad I am. As soon as your voice turns up, “Toh Kaise Hain Aap Log”, brings a sudden smirk on my face.

We all know that you are one of the youngest influencers on Youtube, a person who started posting his videos, as soon as his 12th boards got over, who chose something different from a trend, a person with millions of subscribers and followers, a person who is loved and respected by his fans, for all his work and creativity, most importantly a person who is currently trending all over the social media. One of your highest viewed video, with highest likes in three days, was rocking over everywhere, but suddenly was taken down, giving reasons of violation, and posting disrespectful content. I don’t know what was wrong in that video, I agree people might have got offended, but how they could forget what was your content from the very first day.

Yes, you roasted YouTubers and actors, but even they enjoyed it, not getting offended taking it as a purpose of entertainment. As I started talking about the recent video, I would like to add ,  that you were provoked to an extent to make this video as you were dragged in it without any reason. We know this video was also just to entertain people like you did through your previous videos. You had no intention to offend anyone. I don’t know why people took it personally, making it an issue. It’s heartbreaking. I am not supporting YouTubers, nor I am saying TikTok features cringe stuff, but you just roasted cringe videos and not the community, so what was the need of this.

I couldn’t understand why misunderstanding took it to a different level. As soon as the video got deleted, you came up with one more video of apologising in which you were looking extremely sad. The one who used to make everyone smile was in tears, all depressed that was sad. But, then no matter whatever happened, and whoever tried to make you down, I know you will rise, you will rise again making yourself much better than you ever were. We love you for your work and are always with you.

From, Someone who adores your smile

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Open Letter to CarryMinati
Open Letter to CarryMinati

Thank you for reading an Open Letter to CarryMinati. I am sure you will support CarryMinati by using #JusticeForCarry and #BringBackCarryMinatiYouTubeVideo


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