Open Letter To Long Distance Friendship

Open Letter to Long Distance Friend

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‘Long Distance Friendship Letter – Open Letter to Long Distance Friend’ is an open letter to a Long Distance Friend published on The Other Perception. Share this letter with your long distance friend and let them know how much you love them. I hope you will like the letter.

Dear Long Distance Friend,

At the beginning of the letter itself, I would pray to the god to give you enough time so that you could read this letter till the end.

Almost 4 Years ago, our friendship started with an awkward hello and till date, we have sent more than a lac messages, talked about millions of things and have made billion of memories. 
When I thought of writing this letter, I did not know what to write. I was running out of the content. Actually, I had nothing to write about. It has never happened to me in the past. So I opened the WhatsApp and started going through the messages. It was amazing to see how much we used to talk and all those memories were flashing back in my mind. They made me happy and sad too. I did not know why it was happening to me.

I started thinking about it. Actually, I think a lot. Maybe I have not been happy for a long time or maybe I was missing you. Maybe you have moved on but I have not. or maybe I still belong there. I know what’s gone is gone, and I am only left with the memories of those wonderful days which we spent

It all started with Shall we meet tomorrow? Shall we meet at the coming weekend? Shall we meet after our unit test? Shall we meet after the semester exam? Shall we meet during the vacations? Shall we meet once you are back from your hometown? Shall we meet before our college reopens? But it never happened. Maybe the days never come. Even now also, things are the same but the words have changed. Shall we meet in this life? Shall we meet before the icebergs melt and earth sinks? Shall we meet on Planet Earth before people start moving to Mars? Shall we meet before I die?

I know that the butterfly on this gift looks weird but there is a reason behind it. When we started talking, we were like a Caterpillar (Butterfly Larva) but over the period of time, we have grown up and we are flying high above the ground like a butterfly. 

Every time I cook something, it reminds me of you. How did I use to get up early to bake pizza for you and meet you at the Railway Station? Today also I get up early, but I don’t bake pizza. I do go to the Railway Station, but I do not find you. Maybe you are gone, forever.  I feel that someday we shall have a reunion and I will cook for you and your friends, someday…

I am still awake till 4 in the morning, but you are asleep. I still wait for your message, but probably the internet sucks. I still wait for a phone call, but maybe the network is pathetic. I still miss our late night conversation and our once in a blue moon conversation. I miss you and now I am used to the feeling of missing you.

If you have been with the letter from the beginning, you should take out your handkerchief and wipe out your tears. And if you get a time out of your busy schedule, do meet me to wipe my tears as well. Lots of love!
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