Open Letter To The Spiderman

Open Letter To Spiderman

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Open Letter to Spiderman is the Open letter published on The Other Perception. Remember the Upside Down kiss from Spiderman movie which released in 2002. Spiderman series is back with a new movie. Watch Spiderman Far From Home in theatres from 4th July.

Open Letter To Spiderman

Dear Spiderman,
I know, writing a letter seems old and outdated when you are living in a world full of Artificial Intelligence. But the machine will not be able to tell you how much you mean to this world.
When I saw the poster of your first movie back in 2002, I was stunned. I was 8 years old and I could see you swinging in New York City and it was amazing.
On my next birthday, the cake had your photo on it. The mask me and my friends were wearing belonged to you. The costume which I wore on Fancy Dress Competition was of yours. The bag, the stationary box, writing pad, my pillow, towel, everywhere it was just you, and it will always be the same.
In a word where everyone talks about the French kiss and neck kiss, I still remember Kiss of the century: The Upside Down Kiss.
The world has changed now and I know it. Maybe, it is for the good and maybe it is not. We have lost one of our great hero Tony Stark. We want you to be the next Iron Man.
Don’t give up, don’t take the easy way, Don’t just call it to quit and leave. It won’t be easy. Being an Avenger.
Remember what Uncle Ben told you back in 2002, With great power, comes great responsibility.
The Other Perception

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