#PapasWhoKnow Father’s Day Campaign

#PapasWhoKnow Father’s Day Campaign

#PapasWhoKnow Father’s Day Campaign by Diaper Brand Mamy Poko Pants was released on 18th June 2021. The campaign highlights the fact that fathers are also equally involved in raising a child. The campaign was executed and conceptualized by Grapes Digital.

#PapasWhoKnow Father’s Day Campaign

This short Ad film showcases that dads are also equally contributing to Child’s growth and development just like how moms do. From feeding little ones to changing their diapers or by playing with them or taking care of them this campaign salutes every Father for contributing to Child’s growth and helping Moms.

This campaign describes the beautiful bond between Father and his child focusing on the fact that raising a child is a beautiful journey and both parents play their role perfectly.

About the Brand:

MamyPoko supports the growth of a baby and makes sure that it stays happy, healthy and hygienic throughout the different stages of its growth.MamyPoko’s main focus is on lending the mother a helping hand as she makes decisions on how to best take care of her baby. This product was launched by the Unicharm Japanese company.

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