Do You Talk To Pizza?

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We all order pizza either online or at one of the outlet. We ask them to get whatever we wish to have. Pizza gets delivered and we enjoy each and every slice of it. But have you ever thought of talking with pizza? I know it sounds weird. ‘Pizza Conversation’ is a story published on The Other Perception in which introvert talks to pizza. Where will this conversation go? Will you be able to control your craving for pizza? 

Pizza Base: New Year has started. Everyone celebrated New Year; you also went for shopping, bought a couple of shirts. But you did not even think about me? You have changed a lot, Rohan.

Rohan: I haven’t forgotten you. After my shopping, I was missing you a lot. So I went to Dominos and ate 2 large pizzas while watching El Clasico which is the most viewed football match between two Spanish giants and rivals, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. You know what; more than 600 million people watched this match and Lionel Messi scored….

Pizza Base: Messy, that’s how my life has become. You are ignoring me. I also want to go for shopping. Who doesn’t get tired of wearing same clothes? I don’t even have proper makeup kit to garnish myself. Who uses chat masala as a talcum powder? And who use Patanjali oil as a moisturizer? I am telling you for the last time. I don’t want myself to get covered with tomatoes and green pepper. That sounds too Indian for an Italian. I don’t want my top to be of caramelized onion. When people cut onion, they cry. When onion’s value goes above 40 Rs per Kg, they cry. Am I supposed to make everyone cry? I thought pizza brings happiness, but no, I make people cry. Am I that bad?

Rohan: Stop being so emotional. Tell me what you want?

Pizza Base: I need some branded, expensive clothes. And well-equipped makeup kit too. If you don’t get me those things, I will not go in the preheated oven to stay at 180 degrees for 15 minutes to make my skin golden brown. Your winters feel like summers for we Italian.



Rohan: Hey Italian, Listen! I hardly have any money left. It might be little difficult for me to get those things for you. You should try to understand that I don’t have enough money to spend. You have no idea how difficult it is for me to save money for you.

Pizza Base: Don’t give me an excuse. You know how I was invented? When poor people from Italy added leftover vegetables and local cheese to yeast-based flat bread, it became pizza. When tomatoes from America were brought to Italy from America, they ate tomatoes with flatbread and started using them as a topping. From the 18th century, different toppings have been used and you still ask me to go for tomato and caramelized onion. Do you think it is fair?

Rohan: Chill, I have shopped something for you. This is baby corn for you. Now I won’t be using caramelized onions, tomatoes and green pepper. I will be using bell pepper which will be in red, orange and yellow colour. And you will get coated with homemade sauce which is specially made for you. This is about your clothing. Now here is your makeup kit which has fat free butter which will make you look slim and crispy no matter how much topping is added. You will also get garnished with basil leaves and baby corn. And here is a perfect blend of Processed Cheddar Cheese and Mozzarella Cheese, best quality of cheese available for you in India. And this is Oregano and Chilly Flakes for you to attract people.

Pizza Base: I just want your attraction. I always knew you are the one I need in my life. Thank you for being there for me. I love you, Rohan!

15 minutes later

Rohan: I love you too pizza! Sorry for late reply. It takes 15 minutes to make you look more beautiful.

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