‘The Greatest Lesson’ by Unacademy with Master Blaster “Sachin Tendulkar”.

India’s largest Learning Platform “Unacademy” signed a partnership with Master Blaster “Sachin Tendulkar” on 23rd February 2021. As a part of the deal, Sachin Tendulkar was going to be a Brand Ambassador and mentor for Unacademy Learners. Learners will get an opportunity to attend a series of Live interactive mentoring sessions from our legend Sachin Tendulkar. This initiative was taken to boost the confidence of learners and learn some tips from our legend. The short film ‘The Greatest Lesson’ by Unacademy takes us on a ride through the Cricket icon’s career.

'The Greatest Lesson' by Unacademy
‘The Greatest Lesson’ by Unacademy

‘The Greatest Lesson’ by Unacademy

After IPL 2020, Unacademy launched a 2-minute Film “The Greatest Lesson” as a Tribute to our Former Indian captain Sachin Tendulkar. The video was shared on social media platforms which showcased the entire journey of Master Blaster. For the initial 30 seconds, all you will hear is Sachin…Sachin…Sachin and every cricket enthusiast will feel the emotions and the vibe and the atmosphere. The film begins with the shot of the audience cheering ‘Sachin…..Sachin….’ as he walks out onto the field and Pakistani fast bowler, Shoaib Akhtar gets ready to bowl.

The initial frames of the video show some of his great’s failures and notable dismissals. Then the film cuts to his debut in 1989 when he gets dismissed on a duck in that match. The disappointment of fans and dismay on Tendulkar’s face can be seen in this clip. The film is then changed to ‘Failure. The fuel of champions.’ Then there comes a transition that reads Failure. The fuel of Champions. In the end, fueled up Sachin hits boundaries The narration then switches to some of the greatest knocks and accomplishments.


With the help of this film, Unacademy drives the message to all their learners that Failure is the first step to success. No matter how many challenges you face in your life you must not give up. The video showcased the qualities of Sachin Tendulkar. Despite losing lots of matches, Sachin Tendulkar never gave up. He kept on practicing and trying and finally achieved what he desired. Unacademy wants their learner to imbibe these qualities of never giving up.

About Unacademy

Unacademy is India’s largest Edtech company based in Bangalore which offers preparation materials for several entrance exams. Materials are in the form of Live classes. Earlier it was started as Youtube Channel in 2010 by Gaurav Munjal and later was officially registered as an Edtech company in 2015.

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