The Truth about How Offline Marketing supports Online Marketing

In this article, we will understand How Offline Marketing supports Online Marketing and brands can couple offline and online marketing to drive better results. 

The Truth about How Offline Marketing supports Online Marketing

The Truth about How Offline Marketing supports Online Marketing

Jiya, a 24 Year Old MBA Graduate recently got her 1st Job in one of the MNC in Mumbai. While commuting to the office in a Cab, she notices a Huge Billboard of a Life Insurance company (Brand A). The photo of one of her favourite actors catches her attention. Before she could read the entire content from the billboard, the cab moves ahead but Jiya somehow manages to read the Brand Name of the life insurance company.

On her way, she realises the importance of buying life insurance at an early stage that her father explained a week ago. She immediately opens the browser from her mobile, searches for the company and visits the website. She spends a minute or two to gain more information about the product.

Before she could finish the reading, the cab reaches her destination. Jiya keeps her phone in the bag and goes to the office.

During the lunch break, she starts searching about the life insurance companies in India. She comes across a search ad of a competitor (Brand B) who’s also into the life insurance business. Upon visiting the website, she gets information about the competitor’s product too but she gets confused about which insurance to purchase and goes back to her work.

While returning home, when her cab passes next to the billboard, she sees another advertisement of Brand A on Facebook. She instantly recognises the brand, clicks on the ad, visits the website, enters the details and calculates the premium amount.

The amount and the life cover which is being offered looks promising. Jiya decides to complete the transaction upon reaching home thus decides to listen to music while on her way towards home.

Post dinner, Jiya opens her laptop and visits the tech website to keep her updated with the recent technology advancements where she comes across the display ads of the brands whose website she visited. The ad of the brand whose billboard Jiya saw has the same premium amount and life cover that Jiya had previously calculated whereas the creative of competitor brand (Brand B) has a simple communication that does not seem to be relevant to Jiya. The personalisation and ad relevance offered by brand A ignite her interest in the brand. As a result, she clicks on the ad, completes the payment and becomes a loyal customer of brand A.

In this user honey, offline and online marketing are highly interlinked. Let’s understand this in more detail:

First, let us understand the placement of offline marketing i.e. billboard. The location was strategically chosen to reach out to young graduates who fall under the primary target audience of life insurance. The content on the ad was neat and clean which made sure that the user will visit the website or Google Brand Name to visit the website organically. The brand had put in enough efforts in SEO to rank the brand name on the first page which made sure that the users searching for the brand name in the search engine visit the website (unless the competitors start bidding on the brand keyword and users click on the respective search ads)

To support this campaign digitally, brand A ran campaigns on the social media channels with proximity targeting near each of the billboards. This made sure that the users who are passing on the route where the billboard is placed will be targeted on a Social Platform such as Facebook to ignite users with good ad recall to click on the ad. Due to this, Jiya visited the website and got a fair idea of the premium amount she will have to pay for the respective life cover.

When Jiya visited a tech website after her dinner, she was shown the remarketing ads of both Brand A and B. The remarketing campaign of Brand B was targeting all website visitors with the same creative communication. Brand A went a step ahead and used dynamic remarketing where the monthly premium and life cover was displayed the same which Jiya had entered previously.

This proves that offline marketing coupled with online will help brands drive better results.

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