A Photographer’s take on first Fashion Photography – Vani Buddhavarapu (@thetomboyphotographer)

Meet Vani Buddhavarapu from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. She is a nerdy tomboy who’s into tech, gaming, and cars. She is a photographer by passion, artist by interest, a guitarist by hobby and an occasional writer.  Let’s read A Photographer’s take on first Fashion Photography by Vani Buddhavarapu (@thetomboyphotographer).

First Fashion Photography

One fine day, I asked my friend Hema (@hem_svld) “Hey, Will you be my model?”. She said ‘yes’ right away. And then this shoot happened. I’ve never actually tried fashion photography. This is my first ever trail at it and I totally fell in love with it. It’s really fun collaborating with her! I didn’t expect her to say ‘yes’ right away. But she did.

Vani Buddhavarapu

I made her wear a sweater in this hot summer. How horrible is that? Yet she didn’t say anything. I know I was an asshole but thanks for coping with my nonsense and thanks for running along with me while I’m wandering all over like a fish lost in the ocean to find a better spot.

Life of an Introvert

When you are an introvert and doesn’t like to be crowded by the upgraded version of homo sapiens 2.0 (Humans) books and coffee are your best friends. A rainy day with books and coffee is basically your thing. You believe in fictional characters so much that they become an emotion to you. They are not just some random books to you. They speak for you. They talk to you. They carry your dreams. They are literally your best friends besides your real best friend.

I do have introverted friends and its okay to be an introvert. It’s just your way of ignoring people and it is your comfort. And it is fine. The only difference between introverts and extroverts is that extroverts ignore people after getting into trouble with them. As introverts just ignore people right from the start. So I guess introverts got it better. You guys rock. Keep up your chins and own it.

You, Introvert, Can Relate To This.
We can see these people sitting lonely in the corner of a classroom or at an abandoned cabin in an office or walking past by people with heads facing the toes. We almost have no idea that he/she is our classmate or our colleague unless we go through our annual college book.

They can’t mingle with anyone like everyone else. They hesitate to talk to others. They hesitate to make an eye contact. They hesitate to ask for any favours. They hesitate to join a bunch of people. They almost hesitate for everything. Literally everything. They prefer to be alone most of the time. They won’t start a conversation unless someone else starts it…..but still it is not certain that they would reply for your “Hi!” with ease.

They struggle a lot to have a conversation. They just lack confidence in their soul of confidentiality. We always find them *hands down* for every activity possible in the college. And they will be out of coverage area for every selfie and every hangout. But trust me they need someone to understand their fears, someone to understand their silence, someone to motivate, someone to click selfies with, someone to make intertwined fingers with them.



  1. Seriously you have good skills for your career. I wish you become one of the best fashion photographer of the world.
    I wish you Good Luck. 🙂

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