Basics of Website, Web Designing, and Development for Beginners

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Basics of Website, Web Designing, and Development for Beginners is a blog post published on The Other Perception in which Basics of Website, Basics of web designing,  Basics of web development, Meaning of technical terminology, Domain, Hosting and Google Adsense are explained in simple language.

Basics of Website, Web Designing, and Development for Beginners

What is Domain?

Basically, the website consists of two things, domain, and hosting. The domain is the URL of your website which can be anything like or .in Your first preference should be given to the domain having .com extension.

What is Hosting?

Web Hosting is the store where you are going to store all your data, like your login details, password, the theme of the website, content, images, videos etc. Like you have the hard disk on your PC or laptop where you have all documents, movies, pictures, games stored. But the hard disk is only accessible to you. In case of web hosting all your data is stored in a web server, which is also a type of hard disk but the thing is that data is accessible to everyone who is connected to the world wide web. For eg. The video you upload on YouTube is stored on the web server of YouTube and it is accessible to everyone. This is how it all works.

How do we get domain and hosting?

So in order to purchase domain and web hosting, I would recommend purchasing on GoDaddy. And if you have money enough to start the website, then give it a try!

Why should you have a Website?

Benefits of having a website are it will be your asset. You will become a brand people will value you more, they will talk to you about the stuff you upload on the website. And yes, you can earn money through Google Adsense.

How does Google AdSense work?

Once you make your website ready,  you need to continuously upload posts on the website, minimum two per week is good at the beginning level. Next thing is to bring the crowd to the website. Once your website gets six months old, apply to Google AdSense. They will check your site, they will see if the content is original or not, images have copyright issues or not. They usually approve Google Adsense, and even if they don’t, apply after some more time. If they don’t approve, they will tell you why they have not approved your account in the email so that you can work on those issues. Once your account gets approved, ads will be shown on your website, and you will earn money. 

How much will you earn?

It depends on the number of visitors you bring to the website. There are two terms- cost per click and cost per impression. Cost per impression is the amount you get for one impression. Anyone who sees the advertisement on your website, it will be counted as an impression. Usually, you get around 1USD for 1000 views. You may get more or less. And the cost per click is when somebody clicks in the advertisement. Payment of cost per click is high as compared to that of the impression.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is usually for tech bloggers. When we google ‘how to make a website on WordPress’ then in the search result, you will see URL of or because they are tech bloggers and they know how to optimize your page. SEO is search engine optimization. There are millions and billions of pages on the internet and google search works on page rank algorithm to display search results. SEO is a mostly technical thing. If you want your site to be displayed when someone searches for something which is there in your page, then you need to do SEO. So in order to earn money, you need to bring traffic to your website. There are two ways of getting traffic to the website SEO and SMO.

Social Media Optimisation

Next is *SMO* in which you get traffic through social media. Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram all comes under SMO. In order to earn money, you need to bring traffic to your website and you need to gain loyal visitors. To get loyal visitors, your content should be good. And how to get traffic to the website, make WhatsApp message of each blog post you upload and forward that to your contacts, in WhatsApp group so that people will go to the website. Join Facebook groups, of your college, groups in your locality, groups of writers bloggers and upload link to each blog post in a group so that when group member will click on the link. They will be redirected to your website. When you upload a pic on Instagram, write that you have uploaded new blog post and ask them to check it out. Upload link to the website in your Instagram bio. If you could get more followers on Instagram, then you might get more visitors to your website.

So decide if you want a website or not, it is very easy to make a website. It is similar to your blog. Once you purchase the domain and hosting from GoDaddy, install WordPress and then it is similar to your blog. You can even check YouTube tutorials.

Thank you so much for reading! If you enjoyed this article for whatsoever reason, don’t forget to comment down and share it with your friends. I’ll see you guys in next post. Until we meet, take care.


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