YouTube VS Blogging- Best Option for Career, Online Money Making

People often get confused whether to start a YouTube channel or a blog. ‘Youtube VS Blogging- Best Option for Career, Online Money Making’ is a blog post published on The Other Perception in which YouTube, Blogging, advantages, and disadvantages of YouTube, advantages and disadvantages of Blogging are explained. Youtube and Blogging are two of the most easiest ways to make money online and flourish your career.  

YouTube VS Blogging- Best Option for Career, Online Money Making

Both YouTube, as well as a blog, has got positive as well as negative points. So it depends on your choice what you actually want to start and what you actually want to achieve in your life. Both things required same dedication, the same amount of investment and the most important thing: patience. You cannot get success within one month. You never know when you are going to get success. Sometimes it takes one month or a year. We see people comparing YouTube and blog but believe me both things are completely different. Let’s understand more about blog and YouTube

Writing a blog:

In order to be a successful blogger, you have to have quality content and great website. You may also go for free subdomains like and but it is always better to go for top level Dominos like .com and .in You must learn how to write a quality content. Once you are done with a content all you need is a website to display your content to the potential audience. For this, you need to spend some amount of money for domain and hosting. You may decide domain name depending on your choice and hosting from any of the companies like or 

Once you have the domain and hosting ready all you need is someone to design a website for you. So either you can do it for yourself or you may hire someone to do it for you. Once your website is ready all you need to do is upload your content to your website. Now comes the important part which is bread and butter for blogger- SEO that is Search Engine Optimisation. It basically allows you to rank your web pages on search engine so that whenever someone search related to a particular topic whose information is written on your page search engines will automatically show your web pages on top so it basically let the audience know about your website and the content which you have written it helps you to get organic traffic and a decent amount of money from Google AdSense. 

There are few tips to make a successful career in blogging.

Write simple but unique upload regularly identify your target audience and accordingly build the connection with your audience and get to know what they expect from you. Design your website to get a professional look to invest in yourself try new things which audience might like.

A YouTube channel:

YouTube allows you to upload videos. In order to create a top quality video, you need to consider three things in your mind. First one is content plays an important role whether you are a youtuber or a blogger. You can start YouTube channel about anything like making motivational videos, travel videos, fashion, cooking, Healthcare, stand up comedy, teaching or any web series. If you are a travel vlogger how shooting outside where are plenty of light is available you don’t need to invest in light but if you are shooting Indore especially tech youtuber you need to have a proper setup with good lighting conditions.

There is various type of lights available in the market ranging from 100 rupees a couple of thousands of rupees. Good light ensures clear visibility to the audience and it also looks professional. The third important thing for a YouTuber is Audio. Your audio should be clear and free from noise. In order to record audio free from unwanted noise, you have to have good, high-quality equipment which helps you to record noise-free audio. 

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